Our Focus
Child Care for children birth to 12 in Monterey County
Our Mission
The mission of the Monterey County Child Care Planning Council is to create a comprehensive, integrated child care delivery system that offers:

  • Safe, high quality, culturally sensitive, affordable child care to Monterey County families who need it
  • Allows parental choice
  • Is supported by a partnership of public and private resources

How We Do This
The Monterey County Child Care Planning Council (MCCCPC) exists to provide a way for County residents and stakeholders to discuss child care issues. Three central issues addressed by MCCCPC are:

  1. Identifying areas and populations of greatest need for high-quality child care in Monterey County
  2. Determining the most effective ways to use State and Federal child care dollars
  3. Developing policies to utilize funds to meet priority needs while complying with State mandates

The Monterey County Child Care Planning Council (MCCCPC) addresses these issues through several specific activities, some of which are described below.

  1. Holds bi-monthly meetings open to the public to gather member and other stakeholder input to share information, identify emerging issues, develop strategies, and implement solutions
  2. Holds periodic meetings of standing and ad hoc committees (also open to the public) to complete the work of the Council as directed by its voting members
  3. At least once every five years, conducts an assessment of child care needs in the county, including gathering data on supply, demand, cost, and market rates for each type of child care provided in Monterey County
  4. Identifies by zip code those areas in the County in greatest need of child care services, and uses this information to advocate with the State and other funding sources for more high-quality child care services
  5. Prepares a comprehensive countywide child care plan designed to rally public and private resources to address identified needs
  6. Collaborates with agencies, organizations, and individuals to foster partnerships designed to meet local child care needs
  7. Uses State retention funds to provide needed trainings and other professional development opportunities to teachers working at State-funded child care programs
  8. Completes an annual self-reflection identifying successes and challenges, and including action plans to achieve continuous improvement in meeting the child care needs of families throughout Monterey County